Enrollment at Bright Horizons®

Thank you for choosing Bright Horizons’ early education and preschool programs. Whether you are a new or returning family... Read More we are thrilled to welcome you and excited to have this opportunity to provide your child with the highest quality education and care. As a part of the enrollment process, Bright Horizons is required to obtain additional information about your family. Many of the forms are available on this website and will need to either be completed and brought to your child’s intake meeting or updated before pre-registration. For details on how we will process your personal information, please click here to read our Global Privacy Notice.

To Download or Save Forms:

All forms are available for download using Adobe Acrobat software. Adobe Reader 8 or higher will also allow you to complete the forms online and save a completed copy for your files. To get started, select the state in which your child will be receiving care. Your center director can answer any questions you may have as well as provide any additional forms that may need to be completed.

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The Bright Horizons Family Guide

Enrollment forms for Colorado

1. Certificate of Immunization

To be completed and signed by child’s parent/guardian and/or health care provider.

2. Child Information Form

Specific family information and identifying information about the child.

3. COVID Informed Consent and Acknowledgment

4. Food Preference Form-Cultural, Religious, Vegan, Vegetarian Reasons

This form is required for any child who should not be served particular foods due to cultural/religious/vegan or vegetarian reasons, but excluding medical causes (i.e. allergies) or personal preferences (i.e. dislike of certain foods).

5. General Health Appraisal Form

To be completed and signed by child’s parent/guardian and health care provider.

6. Informed Consent Form

To be reviewed and completed by parent. Includes authorization and consent for emergency situations, persons the child may be released to; walk permission, photography and video permission, and acknowledgement of the Bright Horizons Family Guide or client equivalent.

7. Medication Authorization Form

To be completed by parent/guardian and child’s medical provider (when necessary), authorizing the administration of medication to child while at the center.

8. Notice To Families

As required by the Colorado Division of Child Care Services the center must provide all parents with details regarding the procedure for filing a complaint, immunizations and supervision for review.

9. Sunscreen and Insect Repellant Permission Slip Form

To be signed by family; valid for one year dependent upon state licensing regulations.

10. Topical Applications Administration-Permission

Permission to be completed and signed by parent to allow staff to apply ointments and lotions to child for preventative purposes.

Infant Addendum
11. Sleeping on a Cot/Mat-Release

Licensing requires a signed release is on file for any child who transitions to a cot/mat at one year of age. Please complete, sign, and return to center management.

12. Infant Personal Care Plan/Developmental History

To be completed by family at time of enrollment or when child transitions to the next age group. Provides detailed information to help provide the best care possible to your child.

13. Pacifier Permission

To be completed by parent regarding the use of a pacifier during nap time.

14. Personal Care Plan-Infant Routine Care

To be used as a quarterly update throughout the year to keep the center aware of your child’s changing developmental needs.

15. Swaddle Sack Use Permission

To be completed by parent to allow the use of a swaddle sack during nap time.

Toddler/Two's Addendum
16. Toddler/Two’s Personal Care Plan/Developmental History

To be completed by family at time of enrollment or when child transitions to the next age group. Provides detailed information to help provide the best care possible to your child.

Preschool/Kindergarten Addendum
17. Preschool/Kindergarten/School-Age Developmental History

Specific information about preschool, kindergarten, or school-age children for parent/guardian to complete upon enrollment to help staff become more familiar with each child.

Health Care
18. Allergy and Anaphylaxis Care Plan

To be completed by the child’s medical provider for a child with medically diagnosed allergies, detailing the child's allergies, symptoms, and treatments necessary in case of a reaction. Any medication(s) prescribed must be provided to the center.

19. Asthma Care Plan

20. Suspected Allergy/Food Intolerance Form

Supplemental Information
21. Food From Home

Healthy and nut safe lunch ideas.